About us

Print & Pack - Who are we and what do we do?


Print & Pack, formerly Ferrostaal Australia / New Zealand which originated from the Dutch company Ferrostaal N.V. and the German company Gutehoffnungshütte Aktienverein für Bergbau und Hüttenbetrieb (GHH), has developed into an industrial service provider with an international distribution network.

In Australia and New Zealand we have gone through various name changes:


1980: Craven Engineering Pty Ltd
1982: Craven Print & Pack Pty Ltd
1992: Print & Pack Australia Pty Ltd
2002: Intergrafica Print & Pack Pty Ltd
2006: Man Ferrostaal Australia Pty Limited
2009: Ferrostaal Australia Pty Ltd
2016: Print & Pack Australia Pty Ltd

New Zealand

1980: Gibson & Lynch Limited
1994: Print & Pack (NZ) Limited
2006: Man Ferrostaal NZ Limited
2009: Ferrostaal NZ Limited
2016: Print & Pack NZ Limited