Maistapack's Newest Tray

Maistapack's Newest Tray

Print & Pack Australia is excited to introduce to the Australian market the Maistapack Tray. This tray has been rapidly accepted into European supermarket giants such as Aldi as a preferred way to present products to customers in the supermarket.

The trays unique design features provide stackable, sturdy construction using the patented triangular locking edge system. This enables extremely sturdy stability and stackability, never really seen in trays before. The patented top stacking corners and the matching recesses at the bottom enable trays to be assembled for a perfect fit on the pallets, slipping during transport is virtually eliminated. These features mean the Maistapack tray is perfectly suited for uncomplicated, automated palletising; they are stable, sturdy and safe during transport

Once in store the Maistapack tray really shines, the trays offer excellent product presentation and removal at the POS. The stable construction of the packaging means that removal windows can be made larger. The displayed goods are presented in a clear-cut and appealing way, and are also easy to remove and the trays remain in position for the life of the product on the shelf.


Maistapack trays will be on display at Auspack

For Further information please contact John Whitfield at Print & Pack Australia on 0407 412 218