World's Strongest Cardboard Box

World's Strongest Cardboard Box

Print & Pack Australia has recently been appointed the Australian and New Zealand agents for DS Smith Packaging systems, DS Smith is Europe's largest packaging company, their machinery division has for over 30 years led the way in providing innovative corrugated box solutions.

The latest innovation from DS Smith to be released at Auspack is the new three piece box, it has proven to be 40% stronger than a Bliss box and RSC, this is achieved by,

Forming boxes using the Mandrel concept developed by DS Smith customers will consistently create straight up fluting on all panels for best box consistency thus increasing compression by 5-10%

Three pieces of board i.e. board grade combination with no limitation in paper and flute profile.

Eight corners whenever applicable for 20 to 40% more strength according to format, plus reduced board use and increased marketing face.

Centering devices for at least 20 to 30% improved compression strength + perfect and safe palletization.


These features combine to give the strongest box for the transportation cycle but will deliver highest presentation at the supermarkets with potential for good board savings and cost reductions, ideal for pouches, snacks or any product requiring maximum protection over long distances.

DS Smith Three Piece Box will be released in Australia at Auspack,

For Further information please contact John Whitfield at Print & Pack Australia on 0407 412 218