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With the development of industry and the desire to increase efficiency and optimise productivity comes the need to provide tailored solutions to the end of line process. The ongoing demand to provide end of line solutions that reduce costs have resulted in Print & Pack establishing supply alliances with some of the industries foremost technology leaders. Our combined experience brings to market worldclass tailored solution in conveyance, trimming, staking and palletising.

    • Recmi Industrie

      RECMI Industrie was created 30 years ago with the ambition to manufacture high performance innovative machines, which are easy to understand, operate and repair.

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    • Q.I. Press Controls

      Q.I. Press Controls was founded in 1996 by two visionaries with a concept that would change the measurement and control systems market for web offset printing presses forever.

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    • EAE

      EAE is the leading supplier of controls, automation solutions and software for newspaper printers.

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