Consumables are an integral component of any printing, packaging and bindery process. The relationship between equipment and consumables has a direct impact on all aspects of quality, performance, reliability and consistency of the printing process and the final printed product. To ensure consistent production results with maximum quality, Print & Pack has formed an alliance with the leading manufacturers of consumables. Our partners are well recognized in the industry. Our combined experience and expertise ensures the right combination of products for optimal and reliable performance of your production systems. The result is an improved utilization which leads to efficiency and profitability.

    • Daetwyler

      Daetwyler SwissTec is an innovative provider of high-quality doctor blade types for every printing application and various other consumables for the printing industry. They can draw on decades of experience, which is helpful for the development of new products.

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    • Rodicut

      RODICUT INDUSTRY SA is a company that specializes in the production of COMPACT POLYURETHANE ANVILS. The characteristics of the polyurethane in cut and abrasion resistance, elasticity, behaviour against the load, and possibilities of hardness make it the ideal material for broader industrial applications.

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    • PPP - Perf Print Plus

      PPP has provided innovative print finishing services for over 15 years.

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    • Palamides

      For more than 15 years now, Palamides GmbH has been the first port of call for automatic deliveries.

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    • H. Rand GmbH - Grip Fix

      Gripfix is a leading European Pallet stabilization system, comprising a water based adhesive that leaves no residue and is biodegradable and the goods are not damaged during depalletizing. This saves you the mountains of waste which are produced, for instance, through the use of shrink film, stretch film.

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